360in1 spherical vision systems incorporate our proprietary Rotary Image Generator (RIG®) technology, which generates spherical vision in real time by combining a large number of images, which were taken from different angles but at the same fraction of a second, into a moving series of vision at a rate of 6 to 24 panorama images per second (pps) on the screen.

Core RIG® components are its sensor and optics, which constantly rotate around 360° at very high speeds, as well as its unique algorithms and powerful image processing units. The RIG® supports different sensors.

On the display side, spherical vision can be viewed on a number of different display devices, where the choice of the device determines the size of the spherical vision and the resulting experience and level of immersiveness: full dome projection, cinematic goggle, video wall, computer monitors.


An example of a RIG-generated panoramic image is shown below. It has a horizontal field of view of 360° and a vertical field of view of approx. 36° which is expandable to 70° and beyond.