About Scopustech

Scopustech was founded in 1960 and specializes in plastic fabrication. We develop and produce complex transparent and translucent complex and accurate plastic parts. We provide advanced solutions for design and production according to customers’ requirements in broad product portfolios; Medical, industrial, panels, covers, and more.

We provide technological accompanying from the initial prototype stages to mass productions stages of hundreds, thousands or more. These are provided along with creative solutions based on more than 50 years of experience.

The technologies and production facilities include CNC, Router CNC, high-accuracy polishing, bending machines, laser engraving and cutting, painting and printing, Optical Injection Molding, Assembly, Clean-Room Assembly, optical bonding, LCD Enhancement, Electromagnetic shielding (EMI, RFI) to the Medical and Home Security industries.


Most of our products are located in the front of the end product, therefore their surface finishes and accuracies are very important to our clients. These, along with fast and personal service are among our core values. We will be glad to cope with challenges and provide your future products.


Happy new year - Shana Tova!

Scopustech wishes a happy new year to all our customers and suppliers.

How can we help your project?

Wondering which raw material to choose? Do you have a special and different development that requires consultation? The Scopostek team will be happy to be at your service.

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