Precision parts in small batches, designed and/or built-to-print, based on any type of polymer. Over 60 years of experience in production of engineered parts, semi- finished products, projects and prototypes.

Scopustech a manufacturing company specializing in the production of transparent products for over fifty years. The company manufactures with a variety of different polymers. Among them, polycarbonate (PC), acrylic (PMMA), antistatic PVC, acetyl (POM / DELRIN), and more. The company’s products are used as parts and subsystems in complex and sophisticated systems in theĀ  medical equipment, printing, optics, light transmission and more.

Areas of Practice

Production processes

  • Bending
  • Thermal Treatment
  • Structural Gluing (bonding)
  • Laser cutting, Etching and Engraving
  • Polishing
  • Optical Injection Molding

Raw materials

Looking to produce new panel for 3D Printer, Electronic or any other machinery?

Uncertain about material selection for your new project?

Looking for materials with International Standards?

Looking for Anti-Static, UV, Scratch Resistant, Flame Retardant plastic sheets? You have reached the right place!

About Scopustech

Scopustech was founded in 1960 and specializes in plastic fabrication. We develop and produce complex transparent and translucent complex and accurate plastic parts. We provide advanced solutions for design and production according to customers' requirements in broad product portfolios; Medical, industrial, panels, covers, and more. We provide technological accompanying from…

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Optical Prism

A requirement from a customer to develop optical prism from light plastic parts replacing heavy glass with special design.

Scopustech assisted the customer in the R&D stages of the project and produced several prototypes in the NPI stage.

The product passed strict experiments successfully and transferred to mass production with accurate injection molding with surface flatness of 5 fringes.

The product is continuously sold to the satisfied customer in high volumes.

Light Guide

A customer from the medical field had a need for developing an over-molded light guide.

Scopustech have been through the development stages with the customer hand in hand until the experimental stages were successful.

Today, this product is sold in high volumes to the Dental field.

Bended and Transparent Polycarbonate (PC)

A global 3D Printing company asked to develop a bent product from PC with a need to keep its transparency along with complex geometry.

The product is used for a protective window of the machine.

Transparent Dome for Optical Camera

A company had a need to produce dozens of 360 degrees cameras. The required processing was CNC machining. The ultimate transparency and smoothness of the surface are critical for obtaining a clear picture in all angles and positions 360 degrees round.

After the client was unsuccessful in getting the required results with their previous supplier, Scopustech provided the solution and results with their finished goods which are in mass production for few years already, developing the next generation.