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With a manufacturing tradition of over 50 years, the company is known for its expertise in engineering and machining of optically precise and complex transparent plastic parts for the defense industry, as well as for the medical device and printing machine industry. With ISO 9001 certification, Scopustech leverages its accumulated know-how in precision manufacturing to build new, strategically important products, such as the new 360in1 spherical vision systems.

Contract manufacturing of high-precision plastic components

Scopustech's Plastic Components division is a contract manufacturer of transparent plastic components which require a high degree of accuracy throughout the production process. Our products are typically used in defense systems, medical devices, industrial printing machines, and in many additional types of OEM systems.

Optical and Light GuidesOptical and Light Panels, Protective Covers work safety Display EnhancementsDisplay Enhancement

Life-like situational awareness for highest demands

Scopustech's 360in1 division designs, manufactures and commercializes next-generation electro-optical solutions for spherical vision which combine a high frame rate, high resolution and high-resolution vision with low-latency rendering for clients that demand a reliable, mature, industrial-grade vision subsystem at viable costs.

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