Optical and Light Guides

Scopustech specializes in customized optical light guides - precise transparent small dimension polymer products designed to conduct light through complex geometries and enhance lighting in designated locations. Optical light guides require the use of advanced production technologies, advanced materials and highly skilled engineering. They are used in a variety of applications, such as LED lighting and backlighting of displays.

Panels and Protective Covers

Scopustech produces polymers made of transparent panels and covers for a variety of machines and devices. The covers protect machines and devices from undesirable environmental effects or protect the environment from undesirable machine-created effects, e.g. protecting clean rooms from microscopic particles created by machining processes. Transparent panels and covers are used in environment-sensitive industries, such as the semiconductors industry and the medical device industry. Scopustech's panels and covers comply with demanding standards, as required by customers, e.g. ESD (electro-static discharge) and fire extinguishing standards by using high-level certified materials.

Display Enhancements

Display enhancements enable improved display of data projected on the screen so that valuable information is clearly seen even under adverse lighting conditions. There are numerous considerations in designing the enhancement layer: the degree of AG (anti-glare) coatings, the need of AR (anti-reflect) coatings, optimizing desired enhancements at minimal costs. LCD screens are sensitive and often require hardening to withstand vandalism or harsh environmental conditions in outdoor/security applications. This usually requires the addition of a stiffening plate in front and sometimes behind the LCD screen. The bonding between the screen and the plate requires good adhesion in a wide temperature range, optical clarity with index matching of substrates, complex sealing at screen edges etc.. Scopustech has developed adequate capabilties, in particular glass bonding. Socupstech also provides touch panel solutions designed for rugged environmental conditions.

Turnkey Assembly

Scopustech implements its extensive range of engineering and integration capbailities to carry out assembly projects. These projects start with product specifications, followed by engineering design, choice of materials and manufacturing stages, and end with manufacturing, quality assurance and support of field-testing. Assembly projects also include finishing processes, such as painting and printing.

Optical Injection Molding

Scopustech applies optical injection molding for transferring products from prototype and small-series production to low cost, high-run production. Scopustech's  extensive engineering capabilities and integration experience are substantial in the demanding process of transferring products from development to production. 

Specialized Water Tanks

Scopustech produces high-end specialized and customized transparent water tanks. These tanks may be of various geometries and they mostly serve the medical device and printing machine industries. Scopustech's water tanks are often our customers' choice whenever reliability is crucial.

Medical Components

Phantoms for imaging machines are typical medical products made of transparent polymers. Designed to simulate the human body, they provide sharp outlines and contrasts needed to calibrate a mixed X-Ray and CT scanner. High precision medical phantoms require the engineering skills and state-of-the-art capabilities of Scopustech. The production of medical components complies with ISO 13485.